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Daniela Chirion




Daniela Chirion is a visual artist from Bucharest, Romania, currently living and working both in Belgium and in her native country.

She began her artistic education at Nicolae Tonitza High School of Fine Arts, Bucharest, studying Graphics. She continued her path with the study of Painting at The National University of Arts, Bucharest. In 2006 she received her Master of Visual Arts degree from the same University.

In her paintings, drawings and photographies she mainly focuses her attention on the human figure, seeking all the expressions of the portrait, from conventional to unconventional forms.

Since 2008 she is exploring the possibilities of video art, concentrating her observation on the poetry that is hidden in the everyday life, trying to emphasize the expressiveness of common things.

Her poems are a direct expression of her restless inner world, while they also deal with the loneliness of the human being, with its endless attempt to find a meaning in the world. Her creation also includes artist's books and installations, some of them permanently exhibited in prestigious Romanian cultural institutions.

She has organized solo exhibitions in Bucharest and in other cities from Romania and she has participated in artistic events and video art festivals from France, Greece, Belgium, Romania and the Moldavian Republic.
Her work is included in the European Parliament Collection and in other public or private european collections.








19. pencil on paper, 50x35 cm, 2014
5. pencil on paper,  42x50cm, 2016
23. charcoal and chalk on paper, 34.5x45.8cm, 2014
8. Daniela Chirion - charcoal and chalk on paper, 29.5x40 cm, 2014
56. ebauche, acrilic on canvas, 33x62cm, 2015
45. charcoal and pastel on paper, 30x36cm, 2015
9. charcoal and chalk on paper, 29.5x40 cm, 2014
10. charcoal and chalk on paper, 40x29.5 cm, 2014
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